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TSO Collection - Candle The Coffee Club

190gr approx 35h |
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A premium candle, capable of turning every moment into magic, a blend unique to the air, welcomes you to the club of incurably lovers of good coffee.


How? Listen to me

A candle with a warm, homey, almost dreamy scent. Designed for those moments of complete disconnection, of doing nothing but thinking to yourself, devouring a book, or simply sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea slowly, sipping, unhurriedly, while its notes of cocoa, roasted coffee and vanilla accompany you.


This candle comes with a box of matches.


Never leave a candle burning unattended. Keep it away from drafts, flammable items, children and pets. Place it upright and on a suitable surface. Do not expose it to high temperatures. Always respect a distance greater than 10cm. between burning candles.
Handmade candle with vegetable waxes, natural aromas and essential oils.