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This is K-beauty callings and we do not intend to leave this beauty challenge unanswered.

Here you will find Korean cosmetics or K-Beauty. If you are a fan of K-Pop you will know how spontaneous and authentic they are. The same goes for their cosmetic culture. Here you will find a small collection of premium brands from...

New Entries

Here you will find all the New Arrivals of cosmetics that we have chosen for you. Believe us, sometimes it is not easy to find exactly what we are looking for, but when it happens our joy is double because we know that you will fall in love with it as much as we do.

Best Sellers

Highly discussed, coveted, well-worked, well-traveled, well-worn, well-loved and versatile… Everything, a lot. I'm obviously talking about the best, of the best. What you chose to try, to experiment, to make your own and in the end to make them part of your daily life and to love them. Experience MIMØΣΑ's BEST SELLERS!


Mirror my little mirror… how to take care of my face today?

With the best active ingredients given by nature, without harsh chemicals in their list of ingredients. At MIMØΣΑ we suggest care routines for your face that you had never imagined. Perfumes, colors, textures, purity, health, hydration ... you will find them...


All the shampoo, conditioners and hair creams that you will find here have been selected by our team with the most objective opinion.They are specially designed for those of you who does not want only a natural hair care routine, but also care about the enviroment. We present the "SOLIDS" shampoo.They are fantastic and are the latest #zerowaste tendest,...

Make Up

What we believe and you should believe, too, is that your beauty can shine without the need for chemicals, and why also allow chemicals to stray you from naturalness. With us you will discover exactly what suits you best, what will provide you in your daily needs for shine and glow including 100% natural products, the best possible effect for you.


Do you know that skin is the largest organ that humans have? It is the most exposed organ in low and high temperatures and pollution around us as it is the part of the body that comes into direct contact with the environment. The our personal temple is our BODY. Moisturizing your body, both inside and out, with a daily cream or body serum or even if you prefer a...

Pregnant & Baby

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences nature gives us, we know it is a process that generates many changes in our body. That's why at Mimosa we want to offer you pure cosmetics that do not cause hormonal disorders. For this reason, during your pregnancy, we recommend using a natural cream special for this moment in your life. The selection of...

Home & Wellness

Refueling the body with healthy organic nutrients and oligoelements. Detox your beautify your inside. What's inside is outside 


What better than Botanicals and natural smell. In Mimosa we have selected products for men who want to give their skin hydration and tranquility. Yes, men take care of themselves and Mimosa is next to them. Man's care is becoming more and more necessary, so the cosmetics space is raising the bar to adapt to his needs. Find slow and healthy brands for...


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Discover the unique and preppy world of

Discover the unique and preppy world of

Meet the superpowers of a singular, woman made brand.

Meet the superpowers of a singular, woman made brand.