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Our journey

MIMØΣΑ - Mario Avila Stratis Moraitis

Hello, we are Mario and Stratis,

Our journey starts in 2008 in Madrid where we first met and shared a style of sustainable way of being living and of course our enthusiasm for the green cosmetics world. After some time, a common wish emerged, to transform our personals experiences about clean and natural cosmetics to a store with a soul and awareness, for both consumers and environment.

Mario was born in Barcelona. In his 20-year career as Brand Concept director and Interior Designer at international companies, LVMH (LOEWE), MANGO and AD, he has decided to pursue, with his knowledge and inspiration, the field of organic and natural skin care products. Inspired by the natural wealth of the island of Lesvos, it shapes the core values and commitment of protecting the environment that resides in the heart of our identity.

Stratis developed an interdisciplinary career path (Chemistry, Cosmetology, Final Arts, Marketing Direction), though this was not in his original plans! After many years of experience in international marketing projects (IBM, Adolfo Dominguez) and his return to the island of origin, he has been challenged to reinforce the values of green chemistry and to raise people's awareness of sustainable development.

Our goal: Achieve your emotional and physical well-being through clean and organic cosmetics.

We are demanding as we choose brands of cosmetics that make us fall in love, be inspired, have fun and help us be happier. All the people we work with spread their emotions to us, they speak to us through their products, they give us indescribable fragrances—an incomparable touch. For this reason we want to tell you a story, an experience beyond the senses that you will want to share with the whole world.

We are defined by words such as: happiness, sense of humour, forcefulness, comfort, safety, guarantee, naturalness, optimism, curiosity, health.

At MIMØΣΑ we are defined by: Care, Health, Beauty and above all Well-being. Emotions dictate our feelings and our skin is the first to reflect our emotional state and our well-being.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Philosophy

MIMØΣΑ - flagship store alkaiou 4 mitilene

Our Values

MIMØΣΑ-detail mimosa by giorgos polychronis

With the respect that nature inspires us, we offer pure and simple skin care products with the best natural ingredients that their action is based on the power of plants.

We believe that health and beauty are intrinsically linked.

We choose for you natural cosmetics of organic origin, among the best brands, on the basis of their high quality and no harmful chemicals.

We chose Lesvos as the seat of this project because of the origin of one of the founders, the values ​​that inspire the island and its unique natural beauty, sometimes "rough" and sometimes "soft", like our own skin. We have smart and clean body-friendly and environmentally-friendly, non-animal-tested beauty cosmetics that will accompany you in your daily skin care routine.

We are an Earth friendly store sharing the global awarness about the negaive impact of the climate change in our enviroment. We compromise to use, as much as possible, recycled materials for our packaging and in our daily work routine. 

Our head office and  flagship store is located in the historic center of Mytilene, at Alkaiou street at number 4.