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MIMØΣΑ / The Glow House

MIMØΣΑ - My Moment Θεραπείες Προσώπου by Dafna´s

Treatments for the skin. Healthy, youthful skin for longer.

On the upper floor. With the trust and care of MY MOMENT™ ritual treatments from  Dafna's Personal Skincare, we go beyond treating your skin problems. We provide you with comprehensive, holistic and advanced skin care so you can truly achieve the glow, youth and healthy skin you've always wanted and needed.

Our treatments make your skin healthier and younger for longer.

MY MOMENT™ Rituals are designed by award-winning skincare brand Dafna's, tailored to your own needs and desires. It treats you on 3 levels:

Effective bio cosmetics with clinical results, vegan ingredients and biotech formulation.

Holistic techniques massage for deep detoxification and visible repair of the skin.

Aromatherapy to reduce your daily stress that affects the skin and beauty from the inside.

Our treatments make your skin healthier and younger for longer.

Activation: Thanks to the most advanced quality of ingredients and formulations, we achieve remarkable results on the skin. From the very first session, the natural health and balance of the skin is restored, reducing the signs of aging, boosting collagen production for a more even and luminous appearance.

Skin level: The skin feels and looks healthier, nourished, due to the improvement of circulation in the skin. The muscles of the face are strengthened, given firmness and lifting, while any swellings are noticeably reduced after the lymphatic massage

Mental level: you will feel less stress inside from the first time you try our ritual. We come closer to our inner peace. It's your moment.

«Our well-being determines how we feel and look.»  Dafna, founder and "MY MOMENT"  rituals creator.

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Κατάστημα Καλλυντικών ΜΙΜΟΣΑ Αλκαίου 4 by Dafna´s

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 Our sessions take place upstairs, in MIMØΣΑ, on Alkaiou Street at number 4, - Mytilini.

Their duration is approximately 60-75 min, they are adapted to your own needs and include a psychodermatological test, facial skin analysis and personalized counseling before and after.

You can schedule your appointments by phone at +30 697 455 8670,

passing by the store at Alkaiou 4, MIMØΣΑ

or online here.