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Kansa Wand

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Healthy and balanced skin?

We proudly present you a traditional Ayurvedic skincare tool and technique from Dafna’s. Kansa Wand works to stimulate the microcirculation of the skin soft tissue.

Dafna’s becomes more intimate… a personal skincare that not only aims to a more healthy, radiant skin but also to a calm mind and spirit. Balance is equally significant physically, as well as emotionally. Dafna achieves it through the practice of her products with her signature treatme of My Moment TM.

Kansa Wand (or magic wand) is made from Bronze (pure copper and tin), which magically brings the skin PH into balance and works synergistically with our products to enhance their efficacy over the skin.

Made from Bronze (pure copper and tin)

100% handmade

Pure Benefits

Major stress relief

Comfy, soft skin.

Bye-bye age lines.

Toxins removal.

Neutralize alterations in skin pH.

A “domestic” solution for headaches.

Pronotes skin absorption of creams and oils .

I am using our Kansa Wand at the end of the day, as part of My Moment ritual. I use it with Recovery Cleanser (after I cleanse my face). Loooove the "balmy" touch and it allows me to have a deeper treatment. - Dafna Shaham


Fan facts:

When you first receive your Kansa Wand, we suggest washing it with a chemical free soap / Tea tree oil (antiseptic).

Note that sometimes when using the Kansa Wand, your skin may become grey (especially if you have make up on). This is a normal reaction to the metal and oils /metal and make up. There is no problem with that. Just clean your face after the usage. 

Use it on a clean face with an oil based serum or a cleasning balm or with your favorite facial oil. Follow the 9 steps instructions that you will find in the box. Clean always after the ritual, with a suitable face cloth or muslin.
Pure copper and tin. The handle made of rose wood