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H05 Solid Shampoo

58g |
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Are you looking for the Mediterranean character on your skin with cosmetic products as simple and imaginative as you? Are you looking for this emotional bond with them and at the same time to be friendly to you and the environment?

At MIMØΣΑ we tried a lot and we fell in love with the world of Modesta Cassinello. Her fresh treatment line also includes solid shampoo, a shampoo in solid form, a combination of simplicity, softness and respect for the scalp and its cleansing. Choose today the most effective solution for you and the most responsible solution for the environment, due to its fantastic and creative packaging and the absence of plastics and harmful substances for the skin and the environment.

Whatever type of hair you have, the high quality active ingredients of natural origin and its gentle feel, leave your hair refreshed and silky. A way of cleaning your hair is quite different but more effective, healthy and affordable for you and the environment.

With wet hands, rub the shampoo into a fine lather and place it on the roots of previously wet hair. Remember that the water temperature should not be too cold or too hot for better foaming. Massage gently enjoying the moment and rinse well. Repeat the application if necessary and continue with the solid H06 air conditioner for best results. It is very important to keep it in a cool and dry place.
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycerin, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Stearic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Parfum, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol, Citral.
rating Φανταστικό
Για οποιαδήποτε λόγο και να το επιλέξεις, για το packaging, για την πλούσια του φυσική σύνθεση, για την μυρουδια από γλυκό γκρέιπ φρουτ, κάνει απίστευτα μαλακό και έντονης πυκνότητας αφρό που σε αφήνει σούπερ ικανοποιημένο με το αποτέλεσμα.
09/11/2020 Στρατής
rating Το ερωτεύεσαι
Αισθητική και ποιότητα συμπυκνώνονται σε αυτό το στερεό σαμπουάν. Φυσικό άρωμα εσπεριδοειδών, πλούσια υφή, αίσθηση ανάλαφρη. Τα μαλλιά βρίσκεται σε πολύ καλά χέρια.
10/04/2020 Μάρθα