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Élise Eau de Parfum (Roll on)

10ml |
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Élise is a daring and bewitching creation, inspired by the black currant that grows in the French region of Burgundy . The refinement of an opulent floral bouquet is combined with a hint of exquisite almost edible notes, making it an oriental gourmand fragrance . It is composed of 7 natural essential oils.

For each purchase we send a 1 ml sample, so you can try the fragrance on your skin before opening the order. This way, if you do not like it, you can return it.


Élise's olfactory pyramid

Departure. Pink Lychee, Blackcurrant, Bergamot

Heart. Freesia, Iris, White Jasmine, Lily of the Valley

Background. Musk, Sandalwood

Family Oriental

Origin. Burgundy, France

Personality. Daring


Élise's soul: Blackcurrant Extract

Origin. Cassis or blackcurrant bush

Where it grows. In the French region of Burgundy

Used part. Sprouts

How is it obtained? The currant sprouts are boiled in solvent and, once boiled, the solvent is removed, thus obtaining the currant extract


Smell: Woody, fruity and spicy, with a fresh undertone

They use: 97% natural ingredients and organic alcohol.

They never use: Stabilizers (BHT) nor colourants.

Alcohol denat, Parfum (Sandalwood Oil1, Cypress Oil1, Cedarwood Oil1, Blackcurrant Extract1, Bergamot Oil1, Benzoin resin1, Patchouli Oil1), Aqua, Linalool2, Citronellol2, Coumarin2, Limonene2, Geraniol2, Eugenol2, Citral2 1 Natural essential oil 2 Natural essential oil by-product
rating Έρωτας #1

Με μια λέξη τα MAAR fragrances είναι έρωτας To Elise είναι πολύ ιδιαίτερο άρωμα με νότες ανατολίτικες που μου ξυπνάει συναισθήματα που δεν μπορώ να εξηγήσω...H συσκευασία είναι πολύ βολική για το ανανεώνεις συνέχεια αφού σίγουρα θα εθιστείς στην μυρωδιά του!

01/29/2021 Anastasia
rating Άρωμα
01/04/2021 mariapapakon