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Cobalt amber Eau de Parfum

50ml |
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Abel odor is the power and beauty of (100% natural) scent and its ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can. Each bouquet is a unique experience. For almost a decade, Abel has been on a quest to create the world’s best 100% natural perfume without compromising on ethics or aesthetics. And guess what, they have done it.


This is Cobalt amber

A sophisticated oriental, where bright pink pepper and juniper berry give this classic amber a modern twist.


top notes: Pink pepper, cardamom, juniper berry

heart notes: Cacao, Tonka, Peru balsam

base notes:  Amber


We know that all too often, online purchases don’t quite work out. We’d hate to have unwanted Abel fragrances sitting around unused, or worse, going to landfill.

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Imagine Meseta central by horse, falling evening, by surprise, from your veranda, the beauty of the steppe...

Fume's Chat curatorial Nick Gilbert (the only podcast solely dedicated to the world of fragrance) - "I love the amber so much that I can forgive the idea of natural perfumery full stop”. ⁠

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All our ingredients are derived from natural sources. We guarantee fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.