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Privacy Policy - Terms of Use and Conditions.

Welcome to MIMØΣΑ!

Please read carefully the following statement of Terms of Use and before visiting the website, as well as the services offered by the company B-CRUX, Private Company / No. G.Ε.Μ.C.: 151271042000.

By entering and continuing navigation on our website, you automatically agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed that, without limitation or modification, you are agree with the Terms and Conditions, an integral part of which is the Privacy Policy (Regulation (EU) 2016/679/General Regulation on Data Protection), with the corresponding national legislation and the principles of the law.

1. General terms of use and contact details

1.1 Identification.

B-CRUX, PC is the representative of the website (hereinafter "MIMØΣΑ "), based in Alkaiou Street, 4, 81100 in Mytilene, with tax identification number EL801184287 and registered in the Commercial Chamber of Lesbos under registration number: 151271042000. We offer services for the disposal of cosmetic products and items, exchange of information and communication between users, in specialised store as mentioned in the following terms of use:

1.2 Communication.

All user communications to MIMØΣΑ can be done in the following ways:

- By phone calling at +30 22510 20845
- Send e-mail to the following address:
- By mail or visiting us at our store at: Alkaiou Street, 4.81100, Mytilene.

1. 3 Acceptance of the Terms of Use.

The access and use of the services of MIMØΣΑ implies the full and unconditional acceptance of all the conditions contained in these Terms of Use. In addition, MIMØΣΑ maintains the monomer right to modify these terms of use and access to its services for the disposal and exchange of information on cosmetic products and communication between users. This consent to the terms of use referred to herein applies to all users, including sellers, final consumers, traders and contributors. This website is designed and created to allow access to the services offered in this section and are subject to applicable legality, to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the user. You prohibit any kind of unlawful act against MIMØΣΑ and third parties.

2. Terms of Use of the website.

The user undertakes to use the services and content of the page in accordance with the provisions of law, ethics, public order and these Terms of use. Is also committed to making proper use of the services and/or content of the website and committing to not conducting illegal or criminal activities that violate the regulation on intellectual and industrial property, or any other breach of applicable law.

2.1 Rules for participation.

MIMØΣΑ reserves the right to suspend or cancel, in whole or in part, with or without prior notice any content and/or user account that violates the current Terms of use. In no case and without exceptions the user is completely committed to not doing any of the following activities:

a. Insult, defamation or harassment of other persons through the pages of MIMØΣΑ. Similarly, the user is obliged in any case not to use tools of communication of other users in order to act as above.

b. Introduction, dissemination or propaganda of racist, homophobic, xenophobic and violent contents that infringes human or/and animal rights.

c. Publication of third-party audiovisual material without their consent.

d. Degradation or defamation of companies, associations, NGOs or any other social or collective group of individuals.

e. Copying and/or falsifying part or all published content (photos and texts) of the electronic page on other websites, social media and printed with or without the authorization of the author.

f. Commercial transactions, such as the promotion of products and services in our name without the consent of MIMØΣΑ, spamming by telephone, display or e-mail in third party networks and social media.

g. Supply, sale or exchange services and products, which the administrators of MIMØΣΑ consider, in their sole discretion, to be inappropriate.

h. Installation of automated software, spiders, crawlers, or other similar data collector tools, which interferes with the normal operation of the system, or any other code file that alters, modifies and blocks the proper and orderly functioning of the site's infrastructure.

i. Pretentious use of the Uniform Resource Locator (url) and all links, in order to self-promote and improve the position of third parties in the results of the online search machines (SEM/SEO).

MIMØΣΑ may act on a case-by-event manner such as not to publish or delete specific content without warning and/ or temporarily or permanently suspend the user account with all its content. Any unauthorized use of the site by you entails the failure to comply with the terms of use referred to in this section, subject to any other lawful right of the applicable law.

3. Information management – Security.

3.1 Intelligence collection.

B-CRUX PC It may collect your personal information from various sources in accordance with the applicable law. Indicatively, it may be collected information(e.g. name, email address, mailing address, phone number), when you offer them in store, when you subscribe to the mailing list of our Newsletter, when you register as a customer and when you ask information about the use and brands details of our products.

In the case of electronic purchases (purchase order), if the relevant possibility exists, we will need, additional information relative to your billing address, delivery location, phone number and payment details.

Especially in case you chose to send your products (shipping order) the company will allocate all your necessary information, shipping address and telephone number, to the respective server (postal company) to ensure the correct and valid delivery of your order.

Your information is included in an automated system for registering information for which B-CRUX PC is responsible for the proper function, management and data protection. Our aim is to maintain them for the development of our relations and communication of future commercial offers and advertising, including electronic way. If there is no written communication to the contrary, we understand that you expressly consent and without objection to the management of your personal data. We value and respect your privacy as far as possible. We assure you that any personal information you provide to us remains strictly confidential.

In view of the technical nature of the services offered, B-CRUX PC it assumes no responsibility for the loss of data, information or files resulting from the interruption of the provision of any of its services and for any damages that may arise from it. The B-CRUX PC reserves the right to suspend unilaterally, temporarily or irrevocably and without prior notice the accessibility of its system, partial or total content, due to the possible need to perform maintenance, repair information, improvement or incompatibility with the service offered.

B-CRUX PC cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that could cause damage to computer systems, electronic documents or files of users of this page or third parties, therefore not responsible for the damage that may be caused of these causes. Also, it is not responsible for the content of the websites to which our website is linked, as they are not under our control the content of their information nor the way they operate. This privacy statement and privacy policy applies only to the information collected by B-CRUX PC and not for the contents collected on third party pages. The B-CRUX PC reserves the right to amend the terms when it deems appropriate and, in any case, respecting the applicable regulations, an integral part of which is the personal Data protection policy (Regulation (EU) 2016/679/General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR).


3.2 User account

The user may at any time modify or delete the data collected about his / her identity, at any time by expressing his wish to

- Email to:
- mail to: Alkaiou Street, 4. 81100, Mytilene / Greece.

In case that the user decide to revoke his consent to its processing and storage, we will anonymize your personal data in the database and we will delete any reference to your person with future validity hereof in the exercise of the right to deletion (right to oblivion) , without prejudice to the legality of, until the time of deletion the processing of the data.


3.3 Change of ownership

In case of acquisition, merger or any other cause that change of ownership of the company, the user expressly consents that his registration data and information are transferred by B-CRUX PC. to the new owner, regardless of whether they are based in Greece or in a different country. In this case, B-CRUX PC will comply and will take all lawful steps to properly transmit this information.

3.4 File Maintenance

B-CRUX PC. retains personal data only to the extent necessary to fulfill their purposes of collection, unless otherwise specified by law. When data is no longer necessary for their collection purposes, it is deleted, blocked, or anonymized.