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We love it because
A visionary name for a visionary brand.

Inspired by Aldus Huxley's novel "Brave New World", this premium Korean brand reveals a pioneering beauty that dares to discover unknown ingredients, full of new textures and fragrances.

The ingredients it uses come from where you would least expect it. The desert, once fertile and full of life, now hides its secrets well. Cactus juice, prickly pear oil, wildflowers that withstand the extreme changes of temperature day and night are combined in the most original way and become part of your daily routine.

The brand was born after a trip to the desert of Morocco. There they discovered the ingredient that was responsible for the beautiful skin of Berber women: the oil extracted from prickly pear, the cactus fruit rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. It is the only Korean brand that has the right to use this oil in its products.

Is a minimalist brand. Its packaging has references to the desert and its color. 

The natural smell of Huxley with french signature, green with warm tones, is inspired by the gardens of Morocco.

It stands out in South Korea among 20,000 cosmetic brands (yes you read that right). It's the favorite brand of K-pop celebrities and Korean Air flight attendants, that says it all.

Welcome to the Uncomfort Zone

Anti Gravity Cream

Moisturizing and antioxidant cream with prickly pear extract.



Be clean Be moist Cleansing...

Gel texture cleaner with Prickly Pear extrac



Body Lotion Moroccan Gardener

Absolutely emollient and hydrating lightweight lotion full of desert secrets



Fresh and More

Ενυδατώνει και διατηρεί την ενυδάτωση ακόμα και σε ακραίες συνθήκες



Good Night Sleep Mask

Healing and Renewing Leave-on Mask