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Soft Shampoo and Shower Wash

200ml |
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Your baby's bath is the most relaxing and beautiful "ritual" of the day and that's why for you. There is a sweet and natural "bond" between parent and child when he washes it. So why not give him the most natural, but at the same time natural protective option, in this so pure and relaxing habit?

Carelia’s shampoo and shower gel, gives such a gentle cleansing without soap or preservatives, but its organic Calendula and oatmeal content moisturize its skin. It takes care of both the cleanliness and the absorption of nutrients in its skin, since honey and chamomile are the goods of nature with these very properties.

The combination of chamomile and oats leaves a soft, tender smell, and does not overshadow the natural baby smell, which we all love, enhances it! Prepare lukewarm water in your baby's basin, throw some of the carelia gel, sing his favorite lullaby and put it inside to relax and enjoy his bath. The calm atmosphere,  the caresses, and the smell of oats, after the relaxing bath, contribute to a happy and restful sleep for your baby.

After wetting your body and hair with lukewarm water and singing his favorite song at the same time, use a small amount of product, give a gentle massage and rinse well. And if it escapes his sensitive eyes, do not be afraid, rinse it gently, it will not be irritated, it is completely organic and hypoallergenic.
Aqua, cocamidopropyl betaine (mild cleansing, foaming agent from coconut), Caprylyl / Capryl glucoside (ultra-gentle cleaning of vegetable origin), glycerin (skin protector of plant origin), decyl glucoside (agent foaming corn), Avena sativa kernel extract, calendula officinalis extract *, mel extract, bisabolol (essential oil of chamomile flower), xanthan gum (corn sugar conditioner), lactic acid (natural moisturizing factor, regulator PH), sodium benzoate (preservative system soft organic acid salts), potassium sorbate (preservative system soft organic acid salts) ** fragrance (parfum) * Ingredients from organic farming ** Allergen-free and without harsh synthetic chemicals
rating Τέλειο για τα μαλλιά και το δέρμα
Εξαιρετικό αφρόλουτρο και σαμπουάν μαζί. 10 στα 10 δυο φορές!!!!
08/06/2021 Στε΄φη
Ότι καλύτερο για το ευαίσθητο δέρμα και τριχωτό του μωρού. Διακριτικά αρωματισμένο και ιδιαίτερα απαλό, όπως και η αντίστοιχη λοσιόν της σειράς!
05/15/2021 DORA
rating :-)

Είναι φανταστικό!! :-)

11/05/2019 marina