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Once Upon a Time in Ibiza

30 units |
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Ayurvedic Ashram Incense Pine tree and Hilalayan herbs.

Be instantly transported to a winding path through a pine forest, towel over shoulder, en route to a secluded beach. The scent of summer dancing in the air.

What does that smell like?

Pine trees: woody, refreshing, nostalgic. Not overpowering or over-perfumed. Subtle.


Where are they made?

Minimal ingredients: made from 100% natural Himalayan pine, a small fragrant variety grown high in the Himalayas. Free from all the random stuff you find in suspiciously-cheap incense, like synthetic fragrances and fillers. Also free from essential oils.


When? We like this as an afternoon incense. Pine is known to boost energy and improve concentration and awareness.

Be warned: Scent may bring back vivid memories of that summer in Ibiza.


Each box contains 30 sticks 14 cm long (so the smell is not overwhelming in small spaces). 

Ayurvedic herbs, woods and medicinal plants
The reason why incense can give some people a headache ? Chemical fillers, synthetic and fragrances, and overpowering essential oils. Our incense contains none of those things! We consider that when using incense for scent therapy, it has to be pure, high-quality and plant-based.