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mini Coco Red

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Coco est Fabuleux! ...é Rouge

And this is the mini format of Coco to take it everywhere with you.

Created from your feedback, for your well-being, this clitoral vacuum is composed of two buttons to go back and forth in the intensities.

The shape is strange but very sympathetic,  the color is lovely, is easy to use, does not impose and is not tense. Is a sexual toy with lot of fans in France.

There are vibrations for all tastes! We all agreed to that. Coco, it's a very soft and versatile vibrator that created with the idea of having an adaptable sex gadget in your hands while allows you to do things that you could not do alone. Or even better... Because there are a thousand and one ways to do good as a couple, the integration of Coco is just one more, and not the least.​​​​


Coco has a double function: vibration and suction. Adapts perfect for your body, whatever your morphology. It has up to ten different modes for both suction and vibration: 7 intensity modes and 3 random modes. It is very versatile and extremely easy to use.

You can use it internally and/or externally. We recommend to use with the water base natural lubricant

Is waterproof, It is made of medical silicone. has a 2-year warranty, Includes - USB charging cable + Documentation + Travel pouch


For the founder Marie Comacle sexual well-being is an integral part of overall well-being, the will to want to feel good and not be afraid to say it

Go love yourself.