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FingerBrush Combo Large

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You want beautiful hair and want to take care of it easily. This Fingerbrush is the perfect choice for them.


This brush has been designed to avoid overheating on the hair. Moreover, the combination of bristles helps to get shinier and healthier hair while preventing breakage and split ends.

Maybe, is the most successful brush of the moment, the Fingerbrush Combo Collection by Olivia Garden. 


Returns to you hair what they deserve: Shine, Healthy and strong look and a Wellbeing moment

This innovative brush disentangles with ease and eliminates static electricity, while also taking care of your hair at the same time. It can be used both wet and dry, and suits all hair types.

Lightweight, with a unique ergonomic design which has a ventilation system to protect hair from drying, and a mixture of rounded boar and nylon bristles which help achieve greater comfort. 


How to use?

Starting brushing at the ends, holding the lock from the roots - avoiding sudden jerks. Afterwards, we slide the brush gently from medium to ends, and we finish brushing from the roots. This is, without a doubt, a daily ritual that will keep your hair healthy, with a smooth finish and sparkly. 


The Special curved shape hugs the scalp for greater comfort & superior styling control. Is just amazing. 

A mix of boar and Nylon Bristles, curved shape that perfectly follows hair, scalp and a flexible head of the brush.
rating Απο τις καλύτερες βούρτσα μαλλιών EVER!
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