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Face Toner Comforting (hyalouronic acid, sensitive skin)

Face Toner Comforting (hyalouronic acid, sensitive skin)

200ml |
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How about an ally, a "splashing" dose for whatever you and your skin need? "TONE IT UP"!

MÁDARA with gratitude to the skin, gives it the space and the necessary attention it needs with its toner range. BalancingComforting or Clarifying, one by one, with its own super powers. The balanced composition of Balancing toner from fresh raspberries, cucumber, flowers and natural moisturizing ingredients, consolidate their strength and help renew the skin's natural protective layer, reduce shine, and minimize pores. The soothing recipe of Comforting toner from soothing water of corn, rose and chamomile extract, prevents irritations, softens and relaxes your sensitive, dry and stressed skin. The transparency of Clarifying toner, with its content of oak bark extracts with salicylic acid, licorice and rose water, manages and gently cleanses the skin, leaves it alive and prepares it for hydration, while restoring its natural glow.

Three Special products for whatever your skin prefers, now! Reassure it, adjust it and feel refreshed and fresh again, with a few drops of hydration and toning. Put a small amount on your cotton, or tamponade with your hands, morning and night and "TONE IT UP"!

Hydrolysed GlycosaminoglycansBenzyl AlcoholAquaPotassium SorbateGlucomannanGlycerinCentaurea Cyanus (Cornflower) Flower WaterMelissa Officinalis (Melissa) WaterBetaineChamomilla Recutita (Camomile) Flower ExtractSodium PCASodium levulinateHydrolyzed GlycosaminoglycansPropanediolSodium BenzoateLactic AcidSodium HyaluronateRhamnoseGlucoseGlucuronic Acid
A necessary second step in your routine, especially for normal / dry skin before hydration.
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