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Take Me To The Yoga Shala

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Ayurvedic Ashram Incence Sandalwood and Hilalayan herbs.


Transports me to that Yoga Shala you love: where a soft, mystic scent dances through the air.

What does that smell like?

Sandalwood, obviously. A crowd-pleaser. Blended with Ayurvedic herbs from the Himalayas. Not overwhelming or overly perfumed.The perfect word to describe: Unique.


Where are they made?

In magical Asram, high in the Himalayas, by yogis. Each hand-rolled incense stick has good vibes and calm intentions. Made from 100% natural aromatic Ayurvedic herbs, woods and medicinal plants. Vegan. Free from all the random stuff you find in suspiciously cheap incense like synthetic fragrances, animal fats and chemical fillers. Also free from essential oils.


When? Day

Each box contains 20 sticks 14 cm long (so the smell is not overwhelming in small spaces).