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Multimasking Face Τreatment box

Multimasking Face Τreatment box

56 ml |
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Combine the superpowers of the masks to meet the needs of every skin type. Set includes: 4 small masks and 2 ampoules.

  • "PEEL" removes dead skin cells, seals pores and repairs pigmentation and signs of aging.
  • "DETOX" thoroughly cleans and refreshes any problem areas and improves the appearance of pores and breaks.
  • "SMART" rejuvenates the skin and neutralizes the catastrophic effects of urban exposure.
  • "SOS" deeply hydrates and stimulates cellular union to prevent skin aging, for which dry and brittle areas of skin.
  • "AMINO-FILL 3D LIFTING" fill in fine lines and apply overnight to moisturize the skin.
  • "ENERGISER" Place on your face when you feel you need a boost of brightness.