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Mouthwash tablets Charcoal

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They help restore a healthy pH balance in the mouth.

They provide freshness, maintain good oral health and are flavored with organic mint oil. They are environmentally friendly and ideal for everyday use and travel. They do not contain fluorine, glycerin, SLS.

Dissolve 1 tablet in 20 ml of water, gargle for at least 30 seconds without rinsing.
Sodium Bicarbonate^, Tartaric Acid^, Citric Acid^, Mentha Piperita Oil*^, Sodium Benzoate^, Colourings*^, Charcoal Powder^, Menthol^, Thymol^, Limonene*^. *Organic, ^Natural.
They are ideal for everyday use but also for travel so that you can always have a clean and cool breath.