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Gift pack for mom's and babies

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Body Oil Relax (Calm & Puriffies): Moisturizing oil, which protects, softens and heals the most delicate and sensitive skin, helping to reduce the discomfort and irritation caused especially by dryness. Because of its relaxing and soothing properties, this oil is very suitable for the daily care of the baby, from birth. It can also be used by pregnant women, infants and people suffering from eczema. 

Soap Calm: Bath soap with almond and chamomile oil, ideal for the most delicate skin. Prevents dry skin, which usually causes irritation and itching. It has a high healing power and its aroma, lavender and sage, provides a feeling of warmth and relaxation very pleasant.

Relax Soap: It is a bath soap of olive oil and lavender that has many beneficial properties for the skin, since it is healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Its aroma leads to intense relaxation of the body and mind. The combination with olive and avocado oil leaves the skin with a high level of hydration and maximum softness.

For moms: After showering, with wet skin, massage the entire body with a small amount of oil every day, insisting on the drier areas or with a tendency to stretch marks. For babies: Apply a few drops on your hands and gently massage your baby's body, from the feet and towards the heart, making slow and fluid movements. Turn your baby very carefully and gently massage the other side. Add a little oil to the bath water, lavender essential oil helps them relax and fall asleep.
Relax Body Oil: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil *, Corylus avellana oil *, Calendula officinalis oil *, Lavandula angustifolia oil *, Pergolarium graveolens oil *, Anthemis nobilis oil *, tocopherol, Linalool **, Citronellol **, Geraniol **.Relax Soap: Olea europaea fruit oil *, Elaeis guineensis oil *, Cocos nucifera oil *, Persea americana oil *, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, Lavandula angustifolia oil *, Rosmarinus officinalis oil *, dried Lavandula angustifolia flowers and leaves *, Linalool * *, Limonene **.Soap Calm: Olea europaea fruit oil *, Persea americana oil *, Cocos nucifera oil *, Butyrospernum parkii butter *, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, Roman chamaemelum nobile oil *, Lavandula angustifolia oil *, Salvia sclarea oil *, dried Roman chamaemelum nobile flowers *, Linalool **, Geraniol **, Citronelol **, Limonene **.
Ideal for new mommies and babies on board