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Infinity Face Probiotic Mist

100 ml |
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Do you want to "hug", moisturize, tone and strengthen your skin with just one "fit"? "Fit" and so it was!

With the excellent properties of cultivated plants in the "harsh" Northern climate, MADARA acts through a spray for the care and "breath" that your skin needs every now and then. The face mist of probiotic hydration, falls on the skin that is thirsty, enhancing its hydration, protection and comfort, while at the same time "wrapping" your skin in a cool and strong glow.

Replenish the moisture of your skin with the "magic essence" of the mist that is inspired by the smell of wet forest. Yes! It also works as a toner and at the same time gave it the probiotic properties and the "morning coolness" that the spray leaves, saying goodbye to irritations. Feel your skin open like a spring flower thanks to the water-soluble sugars and hyaluronic acid and water it with face mist to "bloom".

Spray from a short distance forehead and neck. Enjoy its tonic action and complete your routine with hydration
AquaAlcoholGalium Verum (Lady's bedstraw) ExtractAromaBetaineLactobacillus Ferment LysateSodium PCAHydrolysed GlycosaminoglycansPropanediolGlycerinPotassium HydroxidePotassium SorbateSodium BenzoateHydrolyzedHyaluronicAcidSodiumHyaluronateRhamnoseGlucoseGlucuronic AcidLimoneneLinaloolCitra
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ανακουφιστικό και δροσερό για το δέρμα μου!
09/23/2020 Μαρία