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Cacao Husk Tea - Mint

100g | 40 cups |
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MINT - Organic tea with cocoa husk

It all started with this combination. The rich authentic cocoa flavor is coordinated with the enthusiastic natural mint. A perfect suggestion for a hot drink or just iced in the hot months of the year. This timeless combination reminds us of afternoons with friends in the living room and has exited us since we like something cool after dinner.

Notes: Chocolatery, minty freshness


An instant love crash with cacao husk, no guiltis.


100% natural certified organic product.

No additional flavors, colors and sweeteners

No calories and no sugar

Dairy and gluten free


They were meant to come. The mission of this brand is to reveal to us minimal, enjoyable, natural and sustainable products that lift our mood and awaken all 6 senses. After the modern and extremely tasty mixtures of herbs, a combination of chocolate and tea conquers our taste.

You can find in MIMISA these 3 unique all-chocolate flavors with the beneficial properties of your favorite cocoa. In addition, it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A mild pick-me-up drink that you can skip coffee and enjoy a cup of tea with cacao beans.

For 1 cup [170ml], put 2.5g [approx. 1 tsp] of the cacao husks into a utensil. Add hot water [95ºC], cover it with a lid and let it rest for 8-10'. Strain and serve.
Cacao husks*, Whole leaf mint leaves* *product of organic farming . Cacao husks come from ethically grown cacao beans [B Corp Certified supplier].