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Did you know that 50% of your body is made up of bacteria? With this not at all philosophical and highly scientific confirmation, the "GALLINEÉ" brand enters MIMOSA. It was founded by a woman, Marie Drago, a graduate of the School of Pharmacy and a member of the French Society of Cosmetic Sciences and has over 15 years of experience in aesthetics in the field of Microbiology. No one wants the best for our bacteria! (in fact, it is 10 times more than our cells). This brand is here and has undertaken a very clear mission: To care for and protect in the most natural way our good bacteria.

All Gallinée products star in prebiotics, probiotics, metabiotics and lactic acid, which help to strengthen the good bacteria on your skin and beyond. Active ingredients that respect the sensitivity of the skin, such as ingredients with high concentrations in all types. He tells us that his products have a pH between 4.5 and 5.8 which is closer to the skin and natural ingredients of natural origin.

They have the philosophy of sustainable packaging since it is 100% recycled without unnecessary elements.

This brand is ideal for sensitive, reactive skin, ideal for the restoration of the microbial and bacterial ecosystem.

Happy bacteria. 

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