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From the garden to our skin

Our first meeting with Andrea Dablander took place on February 22, in her sunny garden in Munich. No crystal, no screen, no distance stood in the way for us to share with it the clarity and the light that the homonymous brand emits in a unique frequency.

Andrea manages to reach our hearts and speaks to us honestly about nature and pure cosmetics.

How is your daily life? The answer to this question is probably different for everyone. But we all have something in common, our daily lives are becoming faster and faster. Every day we are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli, inside and outside that affect our epidermal balance.

With the help of nature and Andrea's time scientific background, the brand comes to strengthen the skin with therapeutic treatment routines that support its in-depth function. A conscious body care for a naturally beautiful and well-groomed skin.

It is a brand based on impeccable crystal formulas, pure, simple but not simplified. Delicate textures that stimulate all six of your senses, with choices of herbs and oils that you would not expect to find in a cosmetic recipe. Everything smells of surprise, grace, clarity, strength.

Andrea Dablander - Natural Organic Care are cosmetics with herbal active ingredients that let your skin glow in its natural state.

gentle cleanser

Gentle daily facial cleanser

100 ml


gentle shower peeling

 Clear your thoughts and your body

200 ml


invigorating tonic

A botany tonic that provides skin with a fresh complexion.

100 ml


nourishing face cream

Strengthens the skin's barrier and promote hydration

50 ml


nourishing hand & body soap

A joyful multipurpose liquid soap