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Steward Brand, a modern-day philosopher at the California School of the '60s, says it all: 'If you do not like bacteria, you are on the wrong planet.' The Microbiome is the set of microorganisms that live in and on our body. These 'unexpected' little travelers live in our gut, also in our skin (our favorite), in your armpit, in your genitals, under your nose and even inside… our navel and of course our belly!


We are only 10% cells ... The remaining 90%? Bacteria. From the moment we are born we experience and grow with them every day

Why is it so important to take care of them?

Bacteria play a catalytic role in absorbing food, training your immune system, regulating our mood… and it seems that every day we discover new roles leading to them.


In the most superficial layer of the skin is the microbiome called barrier and it protects it from external attacks such as stress, pollutants, 'bad' bacteria, sudden changes in temperature, etc. When its balance is disturbed, the skin becomes dehydrated, loses vitality and dry cracks appear. External environmental factors such as pollution or harsh chemicals can disrupt the microbiome, making the skin extremely sensitive and reactive.

Prebiotics, therefore, supply the 'good' bacteria with nutrients and practically starve the 'bad' ones. helping to rebuild the skin's natural barrier

Probiotics are another name for 'good bacteria'. By adding extremely good bacteria to the skin, we reduce any inflammation and stimulate the renewal of our cells


Metabiotics destroy the 'bad' bacteria and offer the good bacteria a nice place to live on your skin. This helps to increase the skin's natural defenses, while at the same time smoothing it by doing a gentle exfoliation.

How to strengthen the defense and health of the skin?

Here are some tips you can easily follow:

First: The most logical. Do not damage the skin's natural defenses. The problem: Frequent and intense washing (face, body, hands). You do not need to remove your skin to kill bad bacteria or viruses. Use a dermatological cleansing and hydrating line to balance your external defenses in the most natural way.


- Second Skin Acidification (for sure?): As our skin is close to pH 5, it has been proven that the use of mildly acidic products such as toners, essence after cleansing help -among others- to rebuild the dam. Use appropriate products. For example, washing with Face Vinegar in case of irrtation or eczema!


- Love your bacteria. Love yourself by recharging your batteries with a proper live diet rich in probiotics. That inside and out .. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria.

Fermented Food: Eat (more) yogurt and generally fermented foods such as kefir or Korean kimchi. Find in fruits an ally for your skin. For example, bananas, which are extremely rich in potassium, are full of prebiotics to strengthen your gut.


Vegetables; It goes without saying that asparagus and sweet potatoes stand out for their high content of prebiotics. Put it in your lunch and we all win.


Legumes, leeks, garlic and onions will not only provide you with prebiotics but will also promote your heart health. Healthy eating is part of the inner beauty that good bacteria turn into outer beauty.

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