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Throughout our childhood, we heard this exact sentence like a million (or more like gazillion)  times: “Drink your orange juice quickly, you don't want to lose its Vitamin C. It's good for your skin, your hair, your health. Now, drink it up!” After a lot of consideration, I thought of looking up Vitamin C’s benefits. And there are many, especially for your immune system.


So, take notes because Vitamin C’s  power is greater than you think. 

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is found in different foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and acts as an antioxidant in the body, that is, it fights free radicals. In addition, the body needs this vitamin to produce collagen, which is the protein responsible. of healing, elasticity and strength of the skin.


I give 10 + 1 benefits of vitamin C... that you did not know!


Long silky hair

“Oh Rapunzel, get your hair down!” I am not kidding with this, vitamin C stimulates the hair follicle to promote hair growth and prevent dryness and split ends, thanks to the fact that the body absorbs iron better when consuming it.


Healthy and strong nails

Forget the constant nail break! Daily consumption of this vitamin helps to strengthen nails from the inside out, promoting their growth and strength to keep them healthy.

Natural sunscreen

Backfire the sunlight! Although the use of sunscreen is still necessary, vitamin C acts in defense against UV rays. Also, it helps to blur spots and damage done by the sun thanks to the fact that it reduces the amount of melanin produced in the skin.


More energy

Your battery is now fully charged! By helping to better absorb iron, vitamin C provides energy to the body and makes the skin look more awake, colorful and energized.


Repair acne wounds

Goodbye acne, it was (not) nice knowing you!The body needs vitamin C to make elastin and replace damaged tissue. This applies to any wound such as bruises, cuts and acne marks, reducing redness, reducing inflammation and cleaning the complexion.


Prevents signs of aging

“You look so fresh and young, whats your secret?” With its high content of antioxidants, vitamin C fights free radicals, responsible for aging, and helps to rebuild skin tissues from its depth as well as eliminating wrinkles and other age marks.


Dandruff treatment

No more hair snow (if you know what I mean). Dandruff blocks the roots of the hair, which can cause hair to not grow out or fall out easily. Vitamin C is responsible for fig

Glowing skin

Grow and Glow! Vitamin C improves circulation in the skin, ensuring that the products are better absorbed and maintaining correct hydration. Thus, the dermis generates a characteristic shine and radiance of healthy skin.


Weight reducer

You don't need diets. Just vitamin C, as it is part of the carnitine production process. Carnitine is a molecule famous for transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are transformed into energy, achieving greater fat burning.

Wound healer

I am not joking for this either. Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen and is present in skin, muscle, and other tissues.


The great psychology factor.

Last but not least, I am not going to use a number this time, because I think it's a main factor and not just a benefit. There are vitamins and especially this one, which throughout their benefits offers you the biggest advantage of them all…. GOOD MOOD! It's inevitable. If the things that you eat on a daily basis, offer to yourself, your skin, your hair, your body and your health so many, like with Vitamin C… it gives the ultimate psychology booster! If your health is well, your mood will follow too. After all they say, we are what we eat!


So thank you Vitamin C. So much.

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