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It is a cold day, like all the others that have suddenly come to welcome us in January, as we officially have entered the winter season. The sun occasionally reheats our day-to-day life but most of the times it can't do much as low temperature wins the battle. Suddenly our mood changes and most of the times is caused by the feeling of the cold-suffering skin. We cannot be indifferent to this. It is a fact that the cold affects the appearance of our skin on so many levels. The low temperature, in combination with the cold air, causes loss of water from the skin layers and leads to dehydration. 

In its entirety our face these months has yet to deal with the viruses that result in nose peeling and lip cracking. On top of that, dehydration, as we mentioned before, is directly related to coldness, is also one of the main causes of the emergence and increase in the depth and intensity of imperfections. 

Winter or Summer ... we all want a healthy skin and it isn't so much to ask. Skin health can be ensured by a diet heartiness in vitamins and antioxidants, with sun protection and avoidance of smoking, experts say. A diet hearty in fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, fiber, good fats and antioxidants enhance the mechanisms of repair against radicals and counteract inflammatory processes in the skin. 

But what are the radicals we so desperately want to eliminate? Our cells that grow and die many times throughout our lifetime, use oxygen in order to produce energy. The 'waste' from this process is radicals. In short, radicals are the by-product of the production of this energy. Radicals do not act uncontrollably when they are created because the body - to prevent radicals from causing harm - has its own antioxidant systems by nature. 

But when we have more radicals than those that the body can deactivate then we are talking about oxidative stress. In this case, in addition to the endogenous antioxidants - that is in our body - you also need exogenous, in particular creams and antioxidant cosmetics. 

But what are antioxidants? Quite simply, antioxidants help to prevent cellular damage caused by harmful molecules. As the largest organ of the body, the skin, plays an important role in protecting the body against oxidative factors such as UV radiation, cigarette smoke, pollution, emotional stress and bad nutrition, which contribute to aging and disease. 

Antioxidants are an integral part of the body's immune system, and include enzymes, polyphenols and other substances, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and B-carotene, that is Vitamin A. So these ingredients protect us from creating new radicals that their purpose is to harm our skin. Antioxidants become our best friends. Modern Cosmetology, caring about us, have integrate into creams and cosmetics the beneficial ingredients that antioxidants have, so as to keep our skin healthy even during the most difficult days for our portrait.

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