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This is the time of the year that some of us have been eagerly waiting, while others are eager to leave (and ideally not coming again) and already our clothes have multiplied in volume as we scrupulously wear one over the other to protect ourselves from the cold, in order to keep our body warm in our daily lives. Unfortunately, some parts of the body are still exposed to low temperatures without wanting it. One of them is our precious hair. Did you know that cold air can even dehydrate your hair? You probably know it as you perceive it every year at this time. Also, each hair separately is a complete organ, perfectly composed, and of course it is included in the list of many other wonders of biology. That’s why hair care needs to be focused and systematic, as you will never let your body suffer from the cold.

So… for the love affair you have with your hair you have to be tender with them all year long, and especially in times that needs you most. At MIMØSA we are by your side to keep this relationship alive. In us you will find the most beautiful acts of love for your hair, such as solid and liquid shampoos ideal for this difficult time of the year. Over the years, I have come to realize that some of these shampoos suit me better than others, give me more confidence and it's no accident, there is a reason! The bathing process is a ritual, massaging your hair, makes them dance in the foams and they feel your love for them. What better way than to provide them the proper care with the right ingredients that will nourish and empower them to withstand the hardships of winter.

So to recover all the health and vitality of dry or damaged hair but also to maintain it as they deserve, MIMØSA team recommends solid shampoos. Solid shampoos are a trend and we choose them not because we need to be fashionable, but because we need to protect our environment. The packaging of all solid shampoos is #zerowaste, for that reason. Without plastic packaging… because first of all we think of our planet which generously gives us its miracles. As we talk about miracles, we should mention Amla oil, which you can think it like one of the wonders of nature. If you are wondering why I will explain to you right away. They come from Hindu traditions and in Sanskrit it is called amalaki which means the fruit where the goddess of welfare is based. Take note of this ... it's one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and to imagine, if you drink its juice your body will receive twenty times more Vitamin C than drinking a natural orange juice. 

With Amla the only sure thing is that your hair will love you like a goddess.

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