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Using the right amount of shampoo, applying it properly or the way you massage your hair in the bathroom, is one of the basic things you need to know for a proper and perfect shampoo.


Just as you follow a series, a routine when you apply face cream or other cosmetics or how we apply eye care in the eye area, the same would be said for cleaning our hair for a flawless result, to avoid tangling and breaks, to gain more shine and of course to save on the product.  


First and foremost step before shampooing, brush your hair. This gesture, in addition to helping you get rid of hair more easily later, is an easy way to remove mechanical residues of styling products, dirt and improve the distribution of sebum. Know that the even distribution of sebum from the roots to the ends , helps in the proper cleaning of your hair and their healthy appearance. If your hair is sensitive, breaks, easily electrified, we suggest you try the natural brush, such as those made of bamboo that naturally take care of your scalp to the ends.

To make the most of your shampoo, first wet your hair well in water. The wetter the hair, the less shampoo you will need. The ideal amount for medium length hair is the size of a walnut. In the case of solid shampoos, you often ask us how much ... gently rub the bar between your wet palms with lukewarm water, two, three or four times, until you feel the gentle emulsion slipping on your hands, this amount should be enough. 


Apply it directly to the roots of the hair, since it is the area that needs cleanliness the most, since the excess sebum of the scalp and the residues left by the styling products are deposited there. Massage with your fingers,insisting on the neck area and the side, preferably up and down and side by side instead of making circular movements to prevent tangling of the hair.


Do not worry about the rest of your hair as it will clean with water and shampoo as it falls out when you rinse them. It is better to avoid pulling your hair up when you bathe, since the only thing you will manage is to tangle it more, creating maybe more knots. 

After you finish the massage and you have applied the whole amount of shampoo, the very good rinse follows. The reason? The remnants of the shampoo are trapped in the hair follicle resulting in dull hair and a heavy look a few hours later. The best way to be sure- when the hair is completely clean is the characteristic sound when you rub it with your fingers.


Do not forget the conditioner and of course the hair mask once a week.


Dry with love and care with an absorbent towel, without any rubbing since the fiber of your hair is swollen in this phase after rinsing and is quite vulnerable. 


Natural shampoos, both solid and liquid, are suitable for washing your hair every day - if necessary - as they have selected natural ingredients in a high percentage that clean and care for their scalp and your hair.


Do you know our collection of natural shampoos? 

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