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Does acne age with me? Will he leave at some point alone? We know your cosmetic concerns about pimples, how persistent they can be, and yet small changes in our daily lives can make a difference and drive away unwanted visitors, pimples.

Good habits are just as addictive as bad habits - but they are much more rewarding - so we want you to learn to recognize them and (replace) them with a beautiful radiant complexion.


1. You do not wash your face properly.

Really now, do I have to wash my face morning and night? Yes and no. In other words, it is not enough to just remove the makeup before going to bed, you should make sure that it becomes a habit on the days when you have not done makeup. Dirt, sweat and polution clog the pores and cause pimples. We recomend a good double cleansing at night and in the morning with a mild gel for face  - or just a little cold water - is enough to remove the sweat of your sleep in your face. It will also wake you up and rejuvenate you.


2. Wrong cosmetic products on the right skin.

There is a reason that dermatological products are categorized according to the skin type to which they are addressed. Oily skin is not the same as dry or combination skin. Everyone has their own needs. That's why it's important to know what skin type you have. We always advise you to feel your skin comfortable, clean and hydrated at every step of your routine. Dryness, irritation, intense oiliness mean that something is not working properly. E.g. Excessive cleansing with a strong cleanser will have the exact opposite effect since your skin will over-replenish its sebum, creating extra oiliness during the day

3. Contact with our mobile phone.

How many times do you touch your mobile device per minute? Statistics say an average of 3 times. So it makes sense to assume that phone surfaces collect more dirt than any other everyday object. Now imagine all this dirt reaching your face with your touch or your hands; it does not surprise us that this habit is one of the things that cause the most pimples.


4. Gymnastics, yes. But not with makeup.

Sweat + dirt + makeup = resource overflow pump. The same would be advised by Jane Fonda, who after endless hours of exercise in front of a flashlight surprised us with the vitality and radiance of her skin at the age of 84. One of the functions of sweat is to regulate our body temperature and the other to rid it of toxins. That is why it is doubly important to clean and remove makeup from your face before physical exercise, but also after, give the skin time to breathe to make sure that you will not get pimples.


5. Do you have a lot of stress?

If the answer is yes, congratulations then! You belong to the 80% of the adult population that proudly declares it. You are not alone, nor the exception. The first important step in combating it is to learn to recognize it. Stress causes various natural changes and is seen on the skin, including acne breakouts. So pimples can be not only annoying but also a sign of alertness that something is going on. With less stress your skin will be happy and will reward you for the effort.


6. The Friction

Face masks became part of the new regularity and with it the term symptomatic acne due to friction. Parts of the face that we were not used to, such as the chin and cheeks, are the most exposed parts. The use of a good toner with probiotic and exfoliating action not only does good to the area, removes pimples and restores the skin. Avoid touching the area. It does not help at all.

7. Eating habits. The usual suspect.

We have heard a lot about how a good or bad diet can have a very significant effect on our skin (except the rest of our body of course). So if you notice that your skin suddenly starts to fill with these annoying pimples, first of all you should pay attention to the diet of your last days. No panic. Fruits, vegetables, probiotics and as little processed food as possible in your daily life. It is in your hand and your skin - like the largest organ of all - will thank you.


8. Drugs, hormones and side effects

Among the other side effects that hormonal control can cause is acne. Therefore, before starting or stopping any treatment, you should consult your gynecologist in case acne breaks out.


9. Cosmetics have an expiration date

A half-finished lipstick, which went and hid in the back of the bag, that face cream that you had to open since last summer, the exfoliators that you never used. Everything has a start and end date. Cosmetics not only lose their properties over time after they expire, but also acquire properties harmful to the skin. Do not think it's time. Recycling in this case protects the environment and your skin.


10. Always wash your brushes and skin tools.

Finally, a super important step that many often forget: The makeup brushes, the jade roller, the kansa wand etc you have to wash them before each use. A gentle liquid soap cleanser with tea tree is something we unreservedly recommend to MIMOSA for these cases.

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