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Bamboo Comb

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Anti-frizz and Anti-breakage, that's what you are looking for in a comb for a superior hair care. Teeth made of bamboo with a rounded tip that do not "catch" in the hair, facilitating your hairstyle.

Proper separation between the teeth of the comb favors the natural care of the hair, allowing an effective distribution of its own natural oils throughout their volume. The BANBU comb is made of Moso bamboo wood, from sustainable forests.

Its regular use strengthens the hair, tames it and whispers it… I am the boss.

Bamboo Moso
100% Biodegradable
rating Καλή χτένα από φυσικό υλικό
Μεσαίου μεγέθους χτένα απο μπαμπού, είναι όπως φαίνεται στη φωτογραφία.
02/22/2021 Κυριακή
rating Bamboo Comb
02/16/2021 Vania